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Replacement Filter
Replacement Filter
  SKU 65882
For use with the Small Best Air Cleaner. Contains 1 replacement filter.
The Best Air Cleaner (Medium)
The Best Air Cleaner Medium
  SKU 62972
Each year, Hammacher Schlemmer tests home air cleaners at a nationally accredited lab, and for the past three years this high capacity all-steel unit has consistently outperformed all others tested. At the two lowest fan settings, it was virtually silent. At higher settings it can achieve a Clean Air Delivery Rate of 315.5, 35% more efficient than the next best cleaner tested. It has three mechanical filters, which remove bacteria, pet dander, spores, and textile dust from indoor air. At the higher fan setting, it changed the air in a 22' x 25' room 21 times. Four speed fan, including Max Clean for intense or quick air cleaning. From a manufacturer listed by the FDA as a Medical Device Establishment. Galvanized steel. Includes three filters. Plugs into AC. Large. Ideal for a 500' sq. room. 26 H x 20 W x 13 D. (35 lbs.).
The Best Air Cleaner (Small)
The Best Air Cleaner Small
  SKU 65884
A smaller version of our Quiet Multi-Filter Air Cleaner that performed far and above the other models evaluated for its ability to remove pollutants from indoor air, the Small Air Cleaner uses one filter to remove bacteria, pet hair, spores, and textile dust from indoor air. Plugs into AC. Ideal for 365-square-foot room. Uses one filter. 23 H x 20 D x 11 W. (34 lbs.).
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